CLIENT : Star Radio Group
  CAMPAIGN : Suria FM Rebranding

creating relevance for suria fm

Suria FM is a Malay-language radio station playing music from the 90s with a mix of contemporary songs. According to Nielsen*, it is ranked fourth among other Malay-language stations. A competitive check revealed that all the other Malay-language stations positioned their stations around the product – the genre of music and also their brand’s personalities, their star DJs. Not only that, our competition has also moved beyond the black box and music is more easily available and customizable to listeners needs.

Thus, the challenge for Suria FM was to differentiate itself and more importantly, grow their listener base.


First, we took a closer look at understanding their target listeners. Research showed that a fulfilled life is the forethought of our target listeners. And optimism played an important role and was an underlying motivator behind each of their actions to lead a fulfilled life.

So we asked ourselves, what if we could lift the spirits of our listeners by spreading optimism throughout their daily routine?

From ‘Playing 90s and the best music’, we repositioned Suria FM as the ‘Agent of Happiness’, creating a new emotive positioning to stand out among other Malay-language stations.

We redesigned their logo with brighter colours, giving it a more cheerful personality. As part of their print campaign, we fronted their DJs against a series of whimsical illustrations. The brand’s promise was captured in the line, ‘Ceriakan Duniamu’ or ‘Brighten your world’. The re-launch was also supported by ground events and a radio campaign.


Listeners tuned in for 11 joyous hours to Suria FM every day making it the most listened to radio station among other Malay-language radio stations which clocked-in only 8-10 hours of listening time. With its cheerful disposition, Suria FM also registered an 81% growth in listenership among listeners with a monthly household income of RM5,000.00 and above.

Happiness, as we’ve discovered, is contagious.

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