Digi: Wwwow!

What better way to bring Malaysians together than to allow them to interact and discover things about each other? The DiGi WWWOW "Internet for All" Awards did just that. They gave Malaysians a platform to promote their online content and it could be voted for by their friends or just about anybody who visited the site. Totally about the people, for the people and by the people.


The brief was simple. As a latecomer to the mobile internet market, DiGi needed a radical and disruptive campaign (turned around quickly!) to genuinely regain lost ground against the competitors.

Enter the DiGi WWWOW "Internet for All" Awards

The DiGi WWWOW Awards is Malaysia's first campaign for Malaysians online, about Malaysian online and generated by Malaysians online a celebration of Malaysians doing extraordinarily creative things online. "By the people, for the people" meant that Malaysians provided the content, publicized their entries and got their entries voted by the other Malaysians. We developed the Digi WWWOW site with 16 different categories and an easy DIY self-promotion kit for creators, which included simple "vote for me" badges and banners to promote their entry on their own sites and on the social network sites. This ensured that everyone – from 9 year olds to housewives had the tools to customize and promote their own entry. And then we sat back and waited to see how this shareable idea would take off. And take off it did. Within minutes of its launch on 21 April, we were already seeing entries on the site. The website grew as visitors and creators continued to populate the site with their entries. And traffic continued to swell to the point that the website crashed on our site mid-way (!)

Turning fans from one site to fans on many

Initially, most first time visitors will visit the site to vote for a friend, a shop or a cause they are already familiar with. We designed the website to allow 'cross-pollination' of supporters – allowing visitors to browse and discover other cool Malaysian-made sites, helping to boost the views and following of other great Malaysian content. We received entries from housewives sharing kuih talam recipes, animal lovers saving animals in need, a 16-year old teaching how to dance the "Malaysian Shuffle" on YouTube, even young fashionistas and bakers starting shop on Facebook. The internet was giving everyone the chance to create more and share more. People of all ages, all walks of life, using the internet for all different reasons. And the WWWOW awards gave DiGi a platform to tap into the millions of Malaysians online and it provided us with a means to alert them that DiGi had an "Internet Plan for all".

The Result

At the end of the campaign, we received 7.8 miltlion search results on Google, 2.3 million page views on the WWWOW Awards site, 5,195 entries and 235,175 votes from Malaysians. The DiGi WWWOW Awards culminated with the awards night on 12 July 2011. The event saw winners get crowned and invited guests went home with big smiles on their faces. Bi the biggest smiles were reserved for DiGi, and of course, ourselves. Want is to put a big smile on your face? Then contact Wai Yee, COO of RAPP Malaysia at