Michelin: Sell out

You can go a long way with good tires and we intended to put just that out to the masses. The festive season was the best time to do it too because of the amount of travelling that would be incurred by families and individuals alike. It worked tremendously well to our advantage because the tires had fuel saving and long-lasting features that proved to appeal highly to the customers.


Campaign Objective

  1. To induce tyre renewals from current Michelin drivers.
  2. To sell in the cost efficiency benefits of the Michelin fuel saving tyres -Michelin Energy XM1 and Michelin Primacy LC


To demonstrate that you could go the extra mile with Michelin tyres because of its fuel-efficient and longer- lasting capabilities. The more you save, the more journeys you can go on - thus giving you and your family something that no money can buy, great memories.


The results, up to 30 September 09 are:

  1. 5% of the customers from the selected database renewed their tyres (based on warranty card returns)
  2. A total incremental 70% of sales during the promotional month
  3. 241% increase of web visitors with 67% new visitors