Wyeth : Formula for Success

With the aim to put Wyeth in the fore-front of every mother's mind as the go-to brand for infant milk formula, we built a footstep program, called S-26 MAMA Club, to walk first time mothers through their journey beginning at pregnancy all the way up to the child's growth till 7 years of age. This partnership between Wyeth and Rapp has resulted in awards being won for this campaign's strategy.

Rapp-Wyeth partnership wins again!

Customer relationship management takes brands on a journey to understand and yield better business results from their most loyal customers. It takes dedication and commitment to see results from insightful data-driven CRM solutions. Recently our work for Wyeth's S-26 MAMA Club was awarded a MARKie for Best Loyalty and CRUM Campaign at the Advertising + Marketing magazine annual award show. The S-26 MAMA Club programme had also won a metal at the DM360 Awards, for Best Campaign Strategy – Customer Loyalty/Retention, a double testament for the effectiveness of this programme. We are extremely proud of these wins because of our longstanding relationship with Wyeth. It was very pleasing for both of us to see that such belief and unending support in our CRM programme has produced such fantastic results..

The birth of Wyeth's S-26 MAMA Club

Wyeth is a premium infant milk producer, and faces its fair share of challenges – a shrinking market, increasing competition and strict government regulations. Our objective was clear – ensure that Wyeth is top of mind when it comes to infant milk formula. To woo modern – day mothers, we had to understand their psyche and their needs. The big idea was based on an insight that first-time mothers are desperate for expert opinion, support and useful advice. So we created a programme to accompany them as they make their way through motherhood – from pregnancy to every stage of their child's growth up to seven years of age – which we called the S-26 MAMA Club. Firstly, we distributed trial packs. Those who opted in to the programme would receive regular direct mail packs and emails containing carefully selected subjects that would be useful and relevant to the different stages of their pregnancy and child's life. As the programme progressed, added SMS, Facebook and other forms of digital communication. As an added incentive, we even created a peer-to-peer system to reward members who introduced their friends to the club.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

After eight years, the S-26 MAMA Club has grown to be one of the most respected and trustworthy sources of information and advice for mothers – one that they would recommend to their friends, resulting in a staggering 850% growth since the start of the programme. And by nurturing our most loyal mothers, we have yielded a return of investment of 76.7% (measured against the sale of various S-26 milk powder products). All this clearly shows what a long-lasting and supportive relationship can do: grow brands, satisfy customers, and produce rewarding results. If you're interested in a long0lasting working relationship with us, contact Lim Wai Yee, COO of RAPP Malaysia at